Our History

Beautiful Black day to all. Today I will share with you what the Europeans have tried to conceal for many years in order for us to have low self esteem and be dependent on their teachings and practically lose ourselves as a Nation that was favoured by God.

In the book of Genesis 32:24-29 the angel of God renamed Jacob to Asrea (meaning “the first one who visited”) but instead we were led to believe that it is a name of a nation. The word Africa was given by Romans and in true fact its ancient name  was Akebu-Lan meaning mother of mankind or garden of Eden. Genesis 10:6-20 describes the descendants of Ham being located in the North of Africa, Central Africa and Southern Asia. Psalms 105:23 mentions the land of Ham in Egypt. Genesis 10 Nimrod son of Cush where Cush means Black founded civilization in Mesopotamia. As you read throughout the bible you find that Ethiopia and Egypt are where all things started.

The Romans entered Egypt 300BC now 6000 years before then there were no white people in Egypt. Ancient Egypt was known as Kemet ( meaning land of the blacks). Jews believe they are God’s chosen people because of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Known in the bible that Israelites and Jews are God’s chosen people because in the book of Genesis God chooses Abraham and his descendants. The Hebrew name of Adonai and Yahweh are all African tribal names given to God and still used today. According to Willy Lynch, Jim Crow and the government etc. if there is a drop of Black blood in your lineage you are considered Black. That is why so many Black people are still stuck in colour because of the slave mentality. Light skinned vs Dark skinned because of certain “privileges” as the white man said “divide and conquer”.

Some people ask what difference does it make if Jesus was black or white? If it made no difference why make him a white man then? Taking a look  in the Hebrew alphabet you find that there is no “J” which makes me wonder where the name Jesus came from.

I am writing this so that we as the Black nation know where we come from and not allow anyone tell us who we are not.

Yahusha who the world know as Jesus was a Black man. In 1492 when the Romans conquered  the Moors ( Hebrew Israelites which were black) that is when they began to white wash our Black History and Traditions. Blacks were now considered second class citizens and barred from practicing their heritage and customs and speaking their native languages. Practically they brainwashed us and made us believe we were nothing. Our ancestors were taken to foreign lands as the book of Deuteronomy 28 predicted.  We were stripped of our Identity, given names and forced to practice their customs. Mark 2:1-12 gives a description of “Jesus”. The man in many churches depicted as Jesus studies find that he is Cesare Borgia an Italian Mobster, a captain in the Papal Military during the 1500’s the son of Pope Alexander VI of Rome. In an effort to remove our history. Also in the book of Revelations 1:14-15 you see the description of “Jesus” and in Daniel 7:9

I will close this here today and wish you a Black Blessed Day. Stay Black and Proud.




Start a Revolution!

As the black nation we have been programmed to being this forgiving people, the scums of the earth and taking what the master says and being obedient. The minute you start realizing that being black is a luxury you will no longer conform to the what the western world has set out. You will be called a rebel, a criminal and sorts of words, but don’t let that pull you down because you have started on the journey of loving and embracing your Blackness and have started to remove the mental chains that have been bound and passed on from generation to generation. We the Black nation are the creators of life, the creators of civilization and don’t let no one tell you otherwise. You are the greatest and loved by the creator of man.

Let me take you back a little as the westerners taught us in the bible that the garden of eden was where it all began. Geographically the garden of eden is in Ethiopia and the race of Ethiopians we all know they are Black. Secondly in the bible leprocy is white skin and reading on you will see that leprocy/white skin is considered a curse. As this is my first blog I will take time to elaborate further on the bible and verses.

My point is that we as the Black nation have been praying day in, day out hoping things will change but nothing changes and the very same people who taught us about prayer are the ones oppressing , enslaving and the ones living a good life. It time for us to stand up and fight for our race and stop being push overs and filling up churches and donating money to the white mother body. Black man take the tithe and offerings and give to a fellow brother who is in need. We need to start looking out for our own kind. I wish you all a BlackandProud day. Stay Black!